Hi, my name is k4m1ll0 and I am an ethical hacker. I made this little page to store my public findings.

If you need an ethical hacker, reverse engineer, or a pentester, do not hesitate to contact me.

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My CVE-s

CVE-2019-19681Pandora FMS Remote Code Execution (Alert Manager)
CVE-2019-19968Pandora FMS 7.xx multiple XSS bugs
CVE-2019-20050Pandora FMS 742 Remote Code Execution File Manager "MimeType"
CVE-2020-8500Pandora FMS 743 Online/Offline Updater/Extension PHP upload + Remote Code Execution
CVE-2020-8511Pandora FMS 742 File Repository + Remote Code Execution
CVE-2020-7935Pandora FMS 742 File Manager + Remote Code Execution 2
CVE-2020-8497Pandora FMS 742 File Repository Chat history