About Me

"Tell to a Line what a Sphere is."

Welcome! My name is k4m1ll0 and I am an Ethical "Hacker".

I have a very strong programming background, in the old days I wrote a small working dos like operating system. Later I became a software developer and I was a software architect for a while. My hobby was hacking for years and slowly this hobby became to my profession. I am working as a Cyber Security Expert at Ernst&Young.

My favorite topics are exploit development, reverse engineering, penetration test.

Additional information

If you need a penetration test or a source code review, do not hesitate to contact me.

CVE List

During the years I found multiple vulnerabilities in various products. Most of my findings are not public because of the non-disclosure agreements. In my free time I am working on public projects so I can publish these findings.

CVE-2019-19681Pandora FMS Remote Code Execution (Alert Manager)
CVE-2019-19968Pandora FMS 7.xx multiple XSS bugs
CVE-2019-20050Pandora FMS 742 Remote Code Execution File Manager "MimeType"
CVE-2020-8500Pandora FMS 743 Online/Offline Updater/Extension PHP upload + Remote Code Execution
CVE-2020-8511Pandora FMS 742 File Repository + Remote Code Execution
CVE-2020-7935Pandora FMS 742 File Manager + Remote Code Execution 2
CVE-2020-8497Pandora FMS 742 File Repository Chat history